Miracles Of Deliverance Bible Institute

A unit of Heaven's University System, MODBI is an ordained school of the Arts. You are guided Through the Bible toward discovery of a Deeper Life. As you learn to express your Christian belief, you shall become an effective Personal Evangelist.

This school was formed in the heart of Dr. Idell Cheever from the throne room of God in the year of 1978. She heard the Lord speak in prophecy that "He shall give her a bible school where men and women of every description would come to receive training, then leave to brighten their world".

This school has graduated scores of students since it's beginning. The Miracles of Deliverance Bible Institute is now accredited. It also operates as a satellite campus of the Jacksonville Theological Seminary (JTS). We offer integrated programs of study that provide students with a well rounded Christian education, applicable in religious and secular society.
*JTS is fully accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Private Schools (NMPS), Washington, DC. It is currently in candidate status with the Accrediting Commission International (ACI).

This website contains current information regarding admissions, degree requirements, fees, policies, and course offerings; it does not constitute a contract.

The policy of JTS is to give advance notice of change, whenever possible, to permit adjustment. However, the administration reserves the right to modify, revoke, or add policies or procedures at any time. If a student drops out of the seminary or becomes inactive and later decides to return, he will be under the jurisdiction of the policies and procedures of the catalog that is current at the time he returns.
Jacksonville Theological Seminary is proud to announce that it also offers off-campus, self-paced, educational studies. Advanced placement is offered through credits granted for life experience and courses taken at other institutions.

JTS is authorized to award Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees fees in the state of Florida.
We invite you to call and schedule a meeting with a representative of the Registrar's Office or please write to us today!

Address all Correspondence to:

Miracles of Deliverance Bible Institute

4712 Bull Street • Savannah Ga. 31405

(912) 356-9220 (912) 356-3252 Fax

Classes held: Mondays 7-10 pm

Bishop Nathan Flowers (Southern District)
4712 Bull Street,  Savannah GA

Apostle Dr. Idell Cheever - Founder and Overseer

Bishop James Wright - Host Pastor